About the impact of diet on health
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This website was originally created for the set dancing classes which I ran for many years.

In March 2020, the price quoted to renew my Public Liability Insurance policy was uneconomic, so I gave up dance teaching and I decided to devote this site to Wellness and Health instead.

The few remnenants of the dancing class that are still here will remain for the foreseeble future, but any new content will be about Wellness and Health.

It is my goal to get one or other of the two main cancer support organisations in Ireland to enlist and monitor a statistically-significant number of cancer patients, to be split into three groups, with a different food regime in each:

  • Whole Food Plant Based, as described in The Chins Study

  • A standard "Wwestern Diet"

  • A control group who could eat whatever they wished

I'm not a doctor, scientist or dietician. I'm a cancer patient who happened to have the good fortune to stumble across a book called The China Study, by Prof. Colin Campbell, when I heard about it by one of the participants in my dancing class.

I am absolutely certain that this information saved my life, as I describe on the Home Page of this webaite.

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About the impact of diet on health