End-Of-Term Hoolies
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End-Of-Term Hoolies:

Around the end of each term, we typically have an end-of-term "hooley".

These "hoolies" are not open to the public - they are for people who have attended my classes during the term. They are an opportunity for us to dance through the dances we have learned during the term.

It's not necessary to have been at class every week during the term, but people who attended every week will have been there when we learned each of the dances, whereas people who missed weeks may find that they are doing a dance for the first time at the hooley. In any case, I'll still describe each figure, before we dance it, at the hooley.

Autumn 2018:

The following hoolies are planned for the end of the Autumn Term 2018:
  • Northside:Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 8pm to 10pm (steps from 7:30pm) - End-Of-Term Hooley in Marino Institute of Education
    Griffith Avenue,
    Dublin 9 (City North) click here for map

    End-of-term hooley on the last night term of the Wednesday night class: Wed. 12th December at 8pm (Steps from 7:30 pm)

    Music by: Paudie O'Connor (Accordion) and Aoife Ní Chaoimh (Fiddle)

    Husband and wife team, Paudie and Aoife, both from Kerry, not only play the most fantastic Sliabh Luachra Polkas and Slides, but also beautiful Reels, Jigs and Hornpipes. They are an integral part of our set dasncing "family" and have played for our wrap-up hoolies for many years.

  • Southside: Sunday, 16th December 2018, 3pm-6pm - End-Of-Term Hooley in Our Lady's N.S. Clonskeagh:
    St Columbanus Road,
    Dublin 14 (South Dublin) click here for map

    Combined Southside and Glenside hooley, taking place in the same venue as the Tuesday night class, but on a Sunday afternoon, 3pm - 6pm

    Music by: The Sliabh Aughty Ceili Band

    The Sliabh Aughty Ceili Band is made up of three wonderful musicians, each of them a star musician in their own right:
    • Charlie Harris (Accordion)
    • Mark Donnellan (Fiddle)
    • Jim Corry (Keyboard)
    Together, they play the most amazing dance music. All three play with the world-famous Tulla Ceili Band.

    I sometimes travel from Dublin to Gort and back, just for the pleasure of dancing to their beautiful music, in McCarthys Bar, Kilbeacanty, just outside Gort, where they play about once a month.

Proposed dances for both hoolies:

Previous Hoolies - May 2018:

Up-to-date, as of: Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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End-Of-Term Hoolies