Hat-trick of Hoolies
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Hat-trick of Hoolies:

Hat-trick of Hoolies - May 2018:
Around the end of each term, we typically have an end-of-term "hooley".

May 2018:

To mark the end of term, before the Summer break, the following hoolies have been arranged:
Directions and map links to each venue on the relevant page, i.e.: Southside, Glenside and Northside

To celebrate the fact that I'm still alive, well and able to dance after my hat-trick of ailments, I'm offering "three hoolies for the price of one", for anyone who has attended any of my classes during the year, i.e. you need only "visit the box" at the first hooley you attend.

Also, I'm delighted to say, especially in the light my recent hat-trick of ailments, that there are family connections with the musicians playing for the hoolies, as follows:

  • My wife, Maureen, plays concertina along with Michael Tubridy (Flute) and Bernie Hanley (Accordion) on Wednesday morning

  • My son, Caoimhín, plays fiddle, along with Brendan Begley (Accordion) on Wendnesday evening.

  • and, while I don't have any family ties with husband and wife team Paudie and Aoife O'Connor, they have been playing for our "hooley nights" for many years and they certainly are an integral part of our "set dancing family".

  • Proposed dances for all three hoolies:

    By the way, not being a sporting man, I didn't know the origin of "hat-trick", so I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, the term "hat-trick" originated in Cricket in 1858 and has since spread to other sports.

    After the Summer Break, classes will resume on Tuesday 11th September and Wednesdsay 12the September - next class dates are always shown on the ceilil.ie Home page

    In the meantime, the festivals which I attend during the Summer are listed at http://www.ceili.ie/links/#festivals - if you spot me at any of them, give me a shout.

    Best Regards,

    Up-to-date, as of: Thursday, 16th August 2018

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    Hat-trick of Hoolies