End-Of-Term Hoolies
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End-Of-Term Hoolies:

Around the end of each term, we typically have an end-of-term "hooley".

These "hoolies" are not open to the public - they are for people who have attended my classes during the term. They are an opportunity for us to dance through the dances we have learned during the term.

It's not necessary to have been at class every week during the term, but people who attended every week will have been there when we learned each of the dances, whereas people who missed weeks may find that they are doing a dance for the first time at the hooley. In any case, I'll still describe each figure, before we dance it, at the hooley.

People from all three classes are welcome at all hoolies - it's an opportunity to cross the liffey and dance with class participants from "the other side of town" and, for those who attended regularly throughout the term, you need only "visit the box" at the first hooley you attend - you don't then need to do so again.

Upcoming Hoolies - End-of-term Summer 2019:

Proposed dances for all three Summer hoolies:

Up-to-date, as of: Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

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End-Of-Term Hoolies