End-Of-Term Hoolies
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End-Of-Term Hoolies:

Around the end of each term, we typically have an end-of-term "hooley".

These "hoolies" are not open to the public - they are for people who have attended my classes during the term. They are an opportunity for us to dance through the dances we have learned during the term.

It's not necessary to have been at class every week during the term, but people who attended every week will have been there when we learned each of the dances, whereas people who missed weeks may find that they are doing a dance for the first time at the hooley. In any case, I'll still describe each figure, before we dance it, at the hooley.

People from all three classes are welcome at all hoolies - it's an opportunity to cross the liffey and dance with class participants from "the other side of town" and, for those who attended regularly throughout the term, you need only "visit the box" at the first hooley you attend - you don't then need to do so again.

Upcoming Hoolies - December 2019:

  • Southside:

  • Michael Tubridy (Flute), Bernie Hanley (accordion) and Maureen O'Reilly (Concertina): will play for us on Wwednesday morning in The Glenside:

    Michael Tubridy, originally from Kilrush, Co. Clare, is one of the greats of Traditional Irish Music. He has won many awards including the prestigious TG4 Gradam Saoil / Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Together with his late wife, Celine, they learned, and then passed on, the Step Dances of Labasheeda-man Dan Furey, saving them for future generations.
    There's a plaque on the wall in the Labasheeda Community Centre thanking Michael and Celine for their work in preserving Dan's dances. Michael also dances, and passes on, some dances he got from his late wife, Celine. Celine was brought up in Donegal and she passed on some of the dances she learned in her youth.
    Michael's main instrument is the Flute, he also plays many other instruments, including concertina, and dances both Set Dancing and Step Dancing.

    Bernie Hanley, originally from Wicklow, plays accordion. She also has a powerful singing voice and always carries a pair of spoons in her accordion case. We'll make time for Bernie to sing and play the spoons at some stage during the hooly.

    Maureen O'Reilly, originally from North Longford, plays concertina. She also does some of Dan Furey's and Celine's dances. We'll make time for Michael and Maureen to do some step dances.

  • Northside:
    Paudie and Aoife O'Connor , originally from Sliabh Luachra in Kerry, will play for us in Marino, Paudie on Accordion and Aoife on Fiddle.
    This husband and wife duo are the "Real Deal" of Sliabh Luachra music and we look forward to a great night.

    Wednesday, 18th December May 2019 at 8pm
    Griffith Avenue,
    Dublin 9 (City North)
    click here for map

    Music by: Paudie O'Connor (Accordion) and Aoife NĂ­ Chaoimh (Fiddle)

NOTE change of plan: The classes in "Windy Arbour" have now finished until after Christmas, Our Lady's School is not available to us on 17th December.

Proposed dances for both hoolies:

Up-to-date, as of: Monday, 27th January 2020

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End-Of-Term Hoolies