The Clare Lancers Set from Co. Clare Ireland
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The Clare Lancers Set (Co. Clare):

This popular Clare set has five figures, all reels.

Pattern for all five figures:
All: lead around, turn the lady and swing
Dancers: Dance the Figure four times (twice in 3rd Figure): order is First Tops, Second Tops, First Sides (on the left) and Second Sides.
All: House to finish, doubling the last two bars.

The Figure:
1st figure (reel): square, danced 4 times

Leading Gent and opposite Lady: pass left to left, turn and swing
Leading Couple and opposite Couple: square, passing right-to-right the first time, gents square right on the other side, ladies left, alternating shoulders each time
All: pass your own place and swing in the corners
All: swing your partner
2nd figure (reel): twirl the lady, danced 4 times

Leading Couple: dance inside, twirl the lady right hand in right, pass right shoulder to right, turn and pass back. As the dancing couple pass each other on the way back, the opposite couple split to make two lines of 4
All: advance/retire advance, leading couple and couple opposite dance two bars in place, while other two couples retire
All: swing your partner
3rd figure (reel): Christmas, danced twice

All: Ladies advance/retire twice
All: Gents advance/retire advance, take left hands across the set, right hand around you partner's waist
All: lead around, turn in to your partner ("belly-to-belly"), lead back, turn in to your partner ("belly-to-belly") and swing in 8, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise
All: swing you partner
4th figure (reel): star, danced 4 times

Leading Couple: dance inside
Leading Couple and Opposite Couple: lead around inside the set (lead left when the first couple is dancing, lead right the second time), pass your own place and make a right-hand star with the next couple
All: dance a right-hand star, left-hand star and swing in four
All: swing your partner
5th figure (reel): lineup, danced 4 times

All: shake hands with your partner, chain half-way, one turn with your partner, shake hands again and chain to home
All: lineup, with each lady in front of her partner: the Leading Couple is in front, the couple opposite them is at the other end and the other two couple take the position to the right of their own place
All: gents slide left, ladies right (1,2, 1,2, 1,2, 1,2,3), slide back through each other again and lineup, ladies on one side, gents on the other
All: advance/retire twice and dance back to your partner
All: swing your partner

This summary is intended as a memory aid for people attending my classes, it is not intended as stand-alone instructional material

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The Clare Lancers Set from Co. Clare Ireland