Waltz Cotillion
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Waltz Cotillion:
Believed to have originated as a French country dance, the Waltz Cotillion is danced, in waltz time, with four couples facing each other in a square, much like a set.
First Sides is on the left, the order is clockwise, i.e. 1st Tops, 1st Sides, 2nd Tops, 2nd Sides.

Leading Couple: dance inside
Leading Lady and opposite Lady: swop places
Top Gent and opposite Gent: swop places
Other two Ladies: swop places
Other two Gents: swop places
Leading Couples: dance back home
Other two Couples: dance back home
All: dance the Figure
All: house around
Repeat three more times: with each couple taking their turn to be the leading couple
All: after the last house, all couples break away from the formation and waltz around
The Figure:

All face your partner and chain all the way around, back to your own place, ladies turning clockwise under the arm of each gent they meet along the way
All take crossed hands with your partner and lead around anticlockwise, back to home
All holding both hands, the ladies turn clockwise under the gents' arms

This summary is intended as a memory aid for people attending my classes, it is not intended as stand-alone instructional material

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Waltz Cotillion